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I want 10 percent pension. Edit

  • I would like 10 percent pension.
    • I would like 10 percent annuity.
    • I want a ten percent pension. .
    • A ten percent pension would be ideal. .
    • A ten percent pension is the option I want to choose..
    • Please agree to 10% pension
    • I desire around 10% stipend upon retirment.
  • 1 Regarding pension, I want ten percent.

I want a Fast promotion track. Edit

  • I want fast promotional eligibility.
    • I want to be eligible for promotion as soon as possible .
    • The capability to quick promotions is my desire.
    • I'd like to qualify for promotion quickly.
    • I want the chance to move up the ladder quickly.
    • I'd like to be eligible to advance within the company as soon as possible.
    • I'm looking for a chance to rise up in the company at a fast rate.
  • 1 I want a fast moving advancement track.
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