This bot uses SchoolMapperArguments.txt and YesNo.txt, and maps the user's input to an appropriate type.

/* class=gwtchat.server.JavascriptBot */
var argumentCategorizer = Transformer.recall(wiki, 'SchoolMapperArguments.txt');
var yesNoTransformer = Transformer.recall(wiki, 'YesNo.txt');
/* Greeting for a new user: */
function greet(chatter) {
  chat.say("Hi, ""! <br/>"+
         " Please select a location for a school on the map: <br/>" +
         " <img src='' style='width:100px; height:100px' /> <br/>" + 
         "Please also explain why you chose this spot.");
/* Main algorithm: */
function hear(chatter, message) {
  var yesNoTag = yesNoTransformer.transform(message);
  if (yesNoTag && yesNoTag.length()>0) {
    chat.say("You just said something that means '"+yesNoTag+"'");  
  var argumentType = argumentCategorizer.transform(message);
  if (argumentType && argumentType.length()>0 && argumentType!='noargument') {
    chat.say("I see, you think "+argumentType+".");
  chat.say("Sorry, I didn't understand your argument ("+argumentType+"). Please say this in different words.");
End of bot SchoolMapper.js

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